Top 12 best new Android apps 2018

Application engineers are stretching the limits once multi day endeavouring to upgrade and enhance our wireless and tablet experiences. Honestly, such a noteworthy number of Android applications turn out every day that it's difficult to screen them all. It's difficult to usurp the most world class anyway in the occasion that you're getting depleted with what you have and need to try something new, take a gander at the best new Android applications from the latest month! You can watch the accounts from past months by clicking here. You can look at our determinations for the best Android applications from 2017 in the video above.

Android apps
Android apps

10 best new Android apps : 

Calculator Plus
Adding machine Plus is a better than average new mini-computer application. It does the essential stuff like number-crunching, some trigonometric and arithmetical capacities, and it has comes about up to ten decimal spots. That is truly it, however. You get some customization choices. The application ought to likewise chip away at fundamentally any gadget paying little respect to measure. It's additionally little, lightweight, and it's totally free with no publicizing. There are a lot of adding machine applications, yet this may be extraordinary compared to other thoroughly free ones.

Carrot Weather
Carrot Weather is a snarky new climate application. It conveys scathing and mocking remarks about the climate. It likewise works as a respectable climate application. The application utilizes Dark Sky for its climate information. Furthermore, you get hourly and every day conjectures, and a negligible UI. The top notch rendition includes a gadget, up to 70 long stretches of climate history, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. This one has a membership cost. To be completely forthright, the $0.99 every month membership is definitely not an extraordinary alternative. We suggest the $3.99 every year on the off chance that you run genius with this one.

Notes by Firefox

Notes by Firefox is a note taking application. It's essentially Mozilla's rendition of Google Keep. The application includes an insignificant UI, basic note taking, and some plan for the day usefulness too. The application matches up to your Firefox account. Accordingly, it works cross-gadget and cross-stage. Mozilla likewise flaunts end-to-end encryption for the note matching up. That is dependably a decent component nowadays. It won't brush your socks off. Be that as it may, it's free, the encryption is decent, and it's great to see Firefox extend past the program biological system a tad.

Instagram Lite 

Instagram Lite is Instagram's lighter kin. It works a ton like Facebook Lite improves the situation Facebook. It includes a somewhat more negligible UI, less highlights, and a lighter by and large feel. Obviously, that implies you don't get the full Instagram encounter, yet this one additionally deals with Android One gadgets. We didn't perceive any major issues amid our testing. Be that as it may, others have griped about bugs, moderate execution issues, and gadget confinements. It's free in any event, so nobody's squandering any cash attempting it.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser is a phenomenal program. It utilizes Chromium as a code base. Along these lines, it works somewhat like Google Chrome. A portion of the highlights incorporate a local promotion square, better than average perusing speeds, a fly up blocker, cryptojacking assurance, and the sky is the limit from there. You likewise get customization includes, a night mode, an AMOLED dark mode, and support for 60 dialects. This is really an extremely pleasant outsider program. We miss the bookmark matching up that accompanies bigger contenders like Chrome or Firefox. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you don't utilize that, this is a decent program to attempt.

Moment Pro Camera

Minute Pro Camera is an uncommon new camera application. This one is exceptionally well known on iOS. It has a genuinely alluring rundown of highlights. They incorporate RAW help, a live histogram, a level capacity, EXIF bolster, and a full manual mode. This one had a harsh discharge. There were a great deal of bugs and it got a tepid gathering. The designers are settling the bugs, however there are still some that need squashed. This is a superb camera application, particularly thinking about its low cost. In any case, you might need to sit tight for a couple of more updates just no doubt.

Space Nation Navigator

Space Nation Navigator is somewhat of an intense case. It's part diversion and part instructive application. It incorporates different little tests and activities. Furthermore, it even has stuff like yoga and genuine physical exercise. The application additionally incorporates week after week occasions, accomplishments, and social components like portable diversions. It's a remarkable affair. Nonetheless, there are a couple of bugs all over. They shield the experience from being really remarkable. The engineers are chipping away at it, however, so watch out for this one.

Spotify Lite

spotify Lite is Spotify's lightweight application encounter. It's like Facebook Lite or Instagram Lite. It includes a more straightforward UI, less highlights, and a lighter affair in general. Be that as it may, despite everything it streams music of course. It likewise keeps Spotify's better than expected revelation includes alongside playlists and on-request tunes. This form likewise includes following for capacity and information. It additionally works better on less steady system conditions and lower end Android telephones. We additionally acknowledge Spotify Lite's Play Store depiction letting us know precisely what includes this is absent from the typical Spotify encounter.


Sharedr is an extraordinary customization application. It replaces the local offer discourse on Android. That is the crate that flies up when you tap the offer catch in each application. This adaptation expels the Direct Share work. You can likewise stick applications to the highest point of the crate for speedier association. It's truly something other than what's expected. The application is at present free with no in-application buys or advertisements. There are a couple of bugs, yet this one has a considerable measure of potential.

WH Experience

WHE xperience is a virtual visit manage for the White House. We know legislative issues are somewhat of an upsetting point at this moment. Be that as it may, the real, physical White House itself has nothing to do with it, so this application still shakes. It highlights history exercises and fun certainties about the majority of the rooms of the White House. That incorporates representations of noticeable presidents and government officials and fun realities about different things. We checked the data they had on different government officials and there doesn't appear to be any political bashing or jabber here. It's only a decent little history application.

Assistant App
Google Assistant is a counterfeit individual colleague created by Google that enables clients to explore, impart, and complete a considerable measure of things. You can use the Google associate on your Android or iOS contraptions to trigger applications, make any request, play recreations, make arrangements, and so forth including these 30+ Super Useful Voice Commands. It is accessible for all sort of Android cell phones that run Android marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo and even on smartwatches.

Video Calling App
Google Duo is a standout amongst other video calling applications for Android with a basic interface. It's very simple to sign in and check your number, and you can make quick video calls simply like influencing a standard telephone to call. Its exceptional "Thump Knock" include gives you a chance to have a live review of the guest before you get the call. It is accessible for both Android and iOS clients.