10 Latest WhatsApp Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks To Know In 2018

WhatsApp is a standout amongst the most well known informing applications with in excess of one billion dynamic clients. New highlights are effectively added to the application and like clockwork we go over a fascinating release. All in all, what are all the new WhatsApp changes that you should think about?
In the event that you oftentimes utilize WhatsApp for expert or individual reasons and are searching for approaches to upgrade your talking knowledge, here are some valuable Whatsapp Latest tips and traps that you can profit by.
10 Latest WhatsApp Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks To Know In 2018
WhatsApp Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks 2018

Hide particular contacts from viewing your story

Stories are an incredible method for communicating your state of mind and can be very individual. In the event that you would prefer not to impart them to all WhatsApp reaches, you can disallow specific contacts from review your announcements or stories as they currently stand.
  • Go to WhatsApp settings>> Account>> Privacy
  • Select Status>> ‘My contacts except’
  • Presently select particular gets in touch with you wish to maintain a strategic distance from and tap the tick check beneath.
You can likewise choose "Just offer with" alternative in the event that you wish to share announcements just with few particular contacts.

Read messages without being given away by Blue Ticks
On the off chance that you wish to peruse a WhatsApp message without the sender knowing, there are a few different ways you could do that.

You can disable blue ticks altogether (Settings-->Account-->Privacy--> uncheck Read Receipts), but then you won’t be able to see if others have read your message either.

1. You could read the message from the notice board. To peruse various or long messages simply tap and swipe down the notice in the warning board to extend it. This is more suited as a transitory measure for at last you should dispose of the notice for good.
2. On the other hand, essentially turn on AirPlane mode, read the message and after that kill the Air Plane mode. Along these lines, you can read a specific message without crippling read receipts and without the sender knowing.
Delete message after you have sent them
This is one component that WhatsApp included late 2017. The App currently enables you to unsend messages that you have officially sent, however there is a catch. The element works for messages sent over the most recent 7 minutes as it were. 

Additionally, the erase message highlight will be rendered inadequate, even inside the 7-minute time span, on the off chance that somebody has just cited your message.
Refresh: Delete message length has been stretched out to 1 Hour
1.  Long press a message
2. Select delete for everyone.

Read deleted messages on WhatsApp
There is an approach to peruse messages that your companions have erased from their end. Simply download a notice log application and concede access to peruse notice. This application will keep a log of every approaching warning and will likewise prove to be useful when you wish to recover a notice you have incidentally swiped off.

Auto answer WhatsApp messages
On the off chance that you utilize WhatsApp for proficient reasons and wish to add a programmed answer message to WhatsApp discussions, there are a few applications you can use to accomplish that. One application you can attempt is Auto Reply for WhatsApp.
We have secured approaches to achieve the same in a different article that you can allude as well.

Auto-suggestions for WhatsApp Messages
You can likewise get auto-proposals to quicly react to approaching WhatsApp messages specifically from the notice board.
To do as such, just download Google Reply application and set it up. We have additionally made a different post clarifying the procedure. Presently everytime you get a WhatsApp message, you will have the choice to straightforwardly browse a couple of applicable savvy answers. Since Google is fueling this element, it will just show signs of improvement with time.

Schedule WhatsApp messages
To plan WhatsApp messages for gatherings or individual gets in touch with, you can download Scheduler application for WhatsApp. Subsequent to allowing it Accessibility authorization, you can fill in the required fields and timetable your message.

Delete images or videos from a particular WhatsApp group or contact
On the off chance that a specific WhatsApp gathering or contact is hoarding storage room, you can erase messages, talks, recordings, and sound from a particular WhatsApp gathering.
Go to Settings>> 'Information and Storage utilization' 

Select 'Capacity Usage' and you will see all gatherings and contacts positioned by the storage room they are hoarding.
Select the gathering and tap on the 'deal with messages' choice at the base.
Presently, select and clear whatever information (recordings, GIFs, Photos, and so on.) that you wish to dispose of.

Share Live location - Real Time
You would now be able to impart live area to your contacts. The area is refreshed continuously and you can keep a tab on correct whereabouts of particular contacts. You can share area for 15 minutes, 1 Hour or 8 Hours in a row.
To do as such, simply tap the connection symbol in the content information field.
Presently select 'area' and after that select 'Offer Live Location.

Limit data used by WhatsApp
To confine the information devoured by the application, this is the thing that you have to do.
Go to Settings -->Data and Storage usage

From here you can choose what all media (Photos, recordings, reports, sound) the application can download while eating your information.